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Carbon footprints of Energy Consumption
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World is facing a rising epidemic of global environmental problems. Modern communication has brought us into a closer contact with every part of the world, we are compelled to recognize that all the Earth inhabitants share a common environment and its related problems. With the onset of industrial revolution in 1700s, increasing use of fossil fuels has resulted in enormous emissions of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere on burning. The increasing domestic and industrial energy demands coupled with an increase in the technological abilities has strengthened our potential for altering the environment we live. This present study aims to calculate carbon footprint of energy consumption in Nestle' milk collection centers in Pakistan. IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories 2006 aids in the various calculation that are undertaken in carbon footprint estimation. It is estimated that a total of 5337.076 tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions results from energy consumption by the milk collection centers all over the Pakistan. The aim for all is Carbon neutrality, which though is quite hard to achieve but is not impossible.

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