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AIDS als eBook Download von The aids2031 Consor...
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AIDS:Taking a Long-Term View The aids2031 Consortium

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The Regent´s Gamble: A Spellbound Consortium, B...
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When wizard Addison Rhydderch goes out on a New Year´s Eve date, he doesn´t expect to end the night saving Manhattan from the undead. Afterward, he´s tasked with the duties of Regent - protector of the fragile balance between the mundane and supernatural realms. The job is easier said than done, even with the aid of Saraia, a half-dryad who´s as sultry as she is compassionate and strong. The attraction between them is immediate, powerful, and forbidden, but malevolent forces are threatening Saraia´s nature spirit kin. Boundaries are tested as the new ruler and his companions are swept into a treacherous game of loyalty and betrayal. Addison´s office is hounded by the shadow of a dark magician who seemingly kills without rhyme or reason, a man who consorts with devils and always keeps one step ahead. Addison and Saraia, assisted by new allies, must face the demonic uprising while resisting the sparks flying between them. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Will M. Watt. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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